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All of our students participate in our comprehensive Physical Education program. Our program is based upon the development of fundamental motor skills to promote lifelong participation in physical activity. Our students participate in both individual and team based games and movement challenges to promote inclusion, resilience and teamwork. Students participate in our school swimming program during term four.

Our senior students have the opportunity to represent their school with pride during interschool sports, athletics carnivals and various events throughout the year. Our Physical Education program is supported by incursions and excursions for a variety of sports such as hockey, golf, football, soccer and an afterschool sport program provided by Kelly Sports.


We offer a Visual Arts Program, where we aim to develop the creative potential of all students. Within the curriculum, every student has weekly exposure to Visual Arts, where they learn different techniques and skills. Mediums include

Biennially, we hold a whole school Art Show, where students are given the opportunity to showcase their creations. This is a wonderful time for students to share and reflect on their learnings throughout the year.


Students from Foundation through to year six take part in an exciting Japanese Program in weekly one hour lessons over one semester each year. The focus of the Japanese program is to develop the children’s cultural awareness through learning about Japanese festivals, customs and lifestyle.

Our program offers a mixture of learning about Japanese culture and language, with opportunities for the students to speak, read and write the Japanese language.  The students learn about geography and Japan’s unique culture, traditional folk stories, engage in traditional cooking and celebrate significant events on the Japanese calendar, including the many Japanese festivals.

Each lesson is structured to engage the students through a variety of stories, videos, songs, games and hands-on materials.

We celebrate ‘Japan Day’ with a variety of exciting activities.  During the day children engage in reading, writing, number, arts and craft, movement games, cooking and performance activities that centre on cultural traditions. 


Drama and Dance experiences are provided for students across all year levels and allow students to explore their sense of curiosity, aesthetic knowledge, enjoyment and achievement through exploring and playing roles, and imagining situations, actions and ideas.  Body awareness and expressive skills are used to communicate through movement confidently and creatively.

Music is taught to students in Terms 2 and 3 through Coco Sounds.  As part of these lessons, students develop their skills to listen, improvise, compose, interpret and perform a range of musical songs and genres.  Students also learn about music practices across global communities and cultures.  Our school concert series takes place every two years, with our next one occurring in 2020.

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